Is it "Real" Leather?

Hello ladies! A quick post on the leathers we use for our bags. It is one of the most frequently asked questions to date. Malaysians, in particular the Malay customers, have a way of defining things to their simple understanding. However, I find that many of this simplification is misleading, and really I blame the many sellers around, prying on profit without properly educating the consumers.

First of all, there is no such thing as "Real" leather when defining a product. It is either Genuine Leather (this is the correct way of identifying it) or Artificial Skin (PU which is plastic), never use the word "leather" next to PU or Artificial, as the term "Leather" is exclusively meant for products derived from animals. So you must learn to say it as it is, "Is it Genuine Leather?", this will really make you seem a bit more well-informed (and refined, hehe), so takdelah seller nak menipu sangat.

Secondly, our brand name, VERAPELLE (Italian) literally translates to Genuine Leather,  but there is this insecure habit by some customers, although kita dah tulis terang2 dan besar2 we are a leather bag company, bagi dia takkan sah selagi kita tak jawab dari mulut sendiri, "Yes, it is Leather", so a triple confirmation is sort of needed by them. We find this, honestly, quite disturbing, LOL.


Alright then, we have clarified that, most will wonder where our leathers are sourced from. We have many partners but 70% of our leathers are from Italy, from various region, including Tuscany. Other sources includes Spain, Portugal, Japan, Austria, South Africa, Pakistan and Istanbul.

We have quite a number of skin styles that we are able to source for, from the normal Sauvage style calf-skin which mimics the supple lambskin for the Quilted Aurora and Chevron Chiara bags, to crocodile prints and Ostrich prints, which are not real reptile or quill leather, but patterns that have been printed by leather technicians to resemble the exotic skins.

Exotic skins are also available but extremely limited, such as Crocodile and Ostrich skins (authentic), and for us, we mainly source them from South Africa. Another prized leather is the Lambskin, which is popularly used by the design house CHANEL for most of their iconic bags, including the Quilt Flap (which is priced at RM24k currently). 


Lambskin with metallic finishing

For products under the brand Verapelle Asia, the type of leather is limited to Calf-skin Leather from cowhides, which is the most abundant raw material available. It is also the most affordable type of skin in the industry, depending on the finishing chosen, another reason for this choice of leather is durability, it is tougher and lasts longer than all the other leathers.

In the next post we will share more on the leather procurement and how we decided on the partners that we want to work with. Until then, hope you are able to digest and learned something new from this blog post.

Yours Truly,


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